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Malibu’s adventures began in July of 2015. I met Malibu as a volunteer who walked dogs after they come out of the shelter system. I quickly fell in love with her bright personality and beautiful smile.

She was surrendered at a high kill shelter in Southern California when she was one year old. We believe she was used to breed at least one litter and discarded. She was very unsure of men and other dogs when we got her. We started working with a trainer right away and saw her confidence blossom. She loves people, snuggling, exploring nature and walks with her friends.

Malibu faced discrimination when we would walk her as do most bully breeds. It broke my heart to see people purposely avoid her knowing how much love she has to give. We decided to do something about it. I began to have her wear a bandana everywhere we went. It seemed to soften her and people were less afraid of her. She became more approachable and looked at as “just a dog”. Now she supports small businesses in giving back to rescue by being a bandana ambassador!

We strive to be breed advocates for pit bull type dogs by sharing our real life stories and interactions with other people and dogs. Being part of the rescue community and continuing our education and training helps our family feel we are making a difference to help others who may experience the same issues.

It's been almost two years since Malibu was adopted, and we can’t imagine life without her. We are so thankful to have found her. She is forgiving, loving, intelligent, curious, and brings joy to every moment we spend with her. We love taking her with us wherever we can, the beach, nature trails, family road trips and dog friendly restaurants. The best compliment we get is when people commend her for being so well behaved. We believe in second chances and Malibu’s story is one of many that prove if given time and patience, shelter dogs can overcome their past and heal in a new loving environment.


You can't change a dogs past, but you can rewrite their future...

- Malibu

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