Independent, doing good, run by real and awesome humans.

That’s every company on Dogly. Like Lion & Wolf. Started for Sarah's dog Phife. Modeled by senior and terrifically tongued Tula.

Yes, I want to be like Tula

Independent, doing good, and run by real and awesome humans.

That’s every company on Dogly.

Dog days of summer

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Feed Me T-Shirt Bauhound
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Flea 2
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Flea & Tick Shampoo Pure + Good
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Molly American Flag T-Shirt Treat Dreams
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Adjustable Waterproof Collar Pia + Michio
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Rockaway Bracelet The Knot House
No muuts
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No Mutts, No Glory! Dogly
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Travel Tote Mr. Dog
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XX Bandana Collar Wildebeest
Seersucker / Lagoon
Our Brands

Every brand on Dogly is hand-selected by us. You won’t find anything here our own dogs haven’t tested. We believe in supporting local and independent and think those who take the ultimate risk out of the love of dogs should win. We aren’t like anything else and don’t think you are either.

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Our Shelters

Dogly exists because of our rescue dogs and the incredible humans who saved them. Which is why for everything you buy on Dogly a meaningful percentage set by each brand is donated to your personally chosen shelter. Oh, and all of our models are rescues.

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Our People

Get to know our beloved humans behind each brand

Pia + Michio

Honolulu, HI

"Pia + Michio is inspired by island life and art - and founded out of my heart for Pia and my grandfather Michio."

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Billy Wolf

Montauk, NY

"We create each Billy Wolf product to be as exceptional as the dog who wears it."

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Zoe's Faves

Zoe is the Head of Dogly’s Senior Council. Known as the Audrey Hepburn of dogs, this 12 year old girl can still run circles around her younger brothers.

Our Story

It's a family thing

People always ask what it’s like to work with your mom/daughter. Honestly, it’s the best. Before Dogly we were known as Thing 1 and Thing 2. The only difference now is we remember dog names more than humans, need to schedule non-Dogly mom/daughter time, and always find treats in random pockets and places.

Why We Started
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