About Us

We created Dogly out of relentless questioning, a healthy amount of frustration, and refusal to take the status quo for an answer.
And because we love our dogs, of course.

We’re mother-daughter partners in just about everything. Loving and fighting for dogs together. Believing in humans who start things, who see a better way and just do it.

Dogly started with our own dogs and quickly became about yours. It’s no secret our four rescue dogs are our heart – at the center of everything we do and everywhere we go. We want our dogs to live long and we want them to live well, to go where we go and do more together with us.

We don’t think that’s too much to ask.
We know you don’t either.

We also know the big, traditional pet care industry isn’t working for dogs. The average dog’s life span is years shorter now and decreasing every year. Everything from cancer to allergies to stress is on the rise. And if you want to figure out what to feed your dog or what that weird bump is — you’re faced with endless aisles of products, confusing google searches with millions of random results, or thousands of dollars in bills, and lots of wasted time.

That’s why we created Dogly. To help you get answers you can count on for your dog.

To make sense of it all, simply and in one place. Answers you can trust whether that’s advice from a certified professional (we call them Advocates -- positive trainers, nutritionists, holistic vets, wellness experts) or a recommended product created by a gutsy founder making something better for dogs. All fiercely vetted to be worthy of our own dogs and to bring onto Dogly for yours. And benefiting your favorite rescue with every purchase.

We brought this Dogly world together for you and with you. Your dogs and all your questions make Dogly what it is. So keep asking, we’re here. Because everyone deserves that fairy dogmother on your shoulder you can count on anytime, anywhere -- or as we like to say, your Fairy DoglyMother.

Thanks for being part of our Dogly family.
We love you all.
Cory & Jane
Bozley, Zoe, Ozzy, Houzton & Julu the cat