About Us

We created Dogly out of boundless love
And a healthy amount of frustration, creativity, and refusal to take no for an answer.


We’re mother-daughter partners in just about everything. Loving and fighting for (under)dogs together. Believing in humans who start things, who see a better way and just do it.

Dogly started with our own dogs and quickly became about yours. It’s no secret our dogs are our heart – at the center of everything we do and everywhere we go. We noticed you feel the same way, millions of you actually.

We also noticed that while all of us moved to a whole new place in living and loving life with our dogs, the big, established retail/online businesses hadn’t moved with us. They don’t reflect the way we feel about our dogs and what we want for them.

Meanwhile, we discovered exceptional products bubbling up all around us, created by gutsy founders producing all things dog-worthy with a fresh eye, honest materials, the best of handmade and high tech. The trick was finding them. And the trick for these great upstart brands is getting found easily – where they can build loyal customers and grow.

It was obvious to us that a new kind of online marketplace for dog lovers was overdue. So we decided to build it. Giving everyone the ability to support rescues and shelters across the country with meaningful donations from each purchase.

We built Dogly for you, and for dogs everywhere… dogs who are loved like crazy and dogs looking to be loved like crazy. Because it’s high time someone brought this beautiful ecosystem together, in one place, for the love of dogs.

We built Dogly because...

  • Our people are fighters.
  • You fight to do what you love.
  • You fight to create happiness every day.
  • You fight to propel goodness in the world.
  • You fight to save time for what’s truly important in life.
  • You fight to move your businesses forward and be ever-growing.
  • You fight because you love your dogs and want your lives to revolve around them.
  • Whether a photographer, shelter, influencer, illustrator, business owner, or dog parent - there is a place for you to grow, succeed, and enjoy on Dogly.
  • There is a place for everyone on Dogly.

Thanks for being a part of our Dogly family. We’re just getting started.

Cory and Jane
Daughter/mother co-founders
co-parents of Ozzy and Zoe & Shanghai rescue cat Julu