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  • The ability to be chosen by your supporters to receive donations every time they shop on Dogly.

  • Your own page and presence on Dogly to easily tell your story, show people who they are supporting with every purchase, and connect your social media.

  • The opportunity to have Dogs and Artists use their voice to support you as their chosen shelter.

  • The chance to have your adoptable and already adopted dogs featured as models by brands on Dogly.

Perks of Our Shelter Network

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Be part of something bigger where we’re all in this together – rescues, brands, creators, dog parents – and powered by a common love.

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We’re all about dogs – and so is everyone on Dogly, personally and professionally. Give your people the chance to support you with every purchase.

Show Your Heart

For everyone on Dogly, dogs are our hearts. And every rescue dog is a supermodel. Share your adopted and adoptable models with us.

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