Safety Belt

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About this product


The dogs of Dogly love this seat belt because other dog seat belt systems can easily be released by your pet stepping on the buckle button. This can not happen with this safety belt. It's designed using the same specifications used for securing child car seats. In 1999, the federal government (FMVSS) required that all vehicles be manufactured using latch bar anchor points. They required this in order to “increase child restraint effectiveness and child safety”. With the easy-to-use latch hook, the safety belt can be directly connected to the frame of the vehicle for better security.


This safety belt can stay attached to your vehicle’s latch bar at all times. It is sleek in nature, fitting right in amongst the human seat belts. No more time and energy spent hooking and unhooking your pet's seat belt. It is convenient and ready to use when your four-legged friend is a passenger.


The seat belt can be easily adjusted from 16 to 26 inches allowing you to choose the most comfortable length for your dog. It also has a unique swivel free attachment so your dog can rotate and move around without ever getting tangled.


It's made with thick, high quality, weather-proof nylon that will hold up for years to come. Other dog seat belts use plastic pieces that are frail and weaken over time which compromises the safety of our four-legged friends. This safety belt uses ALL-METAL, durable hardware.

Product Details

Safety Information and Warnings

This safety belt should be used with a vest harness for improved comfort and safety. This safety belt is to be used under human supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Always inspect the leash for any damage before EACH use. Do NOT use if damaged. Improper installation may result in pet becoming unrestrained during the operation of the vehicle. Mighty Paw and Dogly cannot be held, in any situation, responsible for any harm (physical or mental) caused by the use (or improper use) of this product.

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