Teamwork - Trainers' Favorite

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To support a happy give-and-take relationship

About this product

Trainers' favorite! Establish respect, trust, and co-operation essential for a life-long relationship for all species. Animals co-operate because they want to! If you think you have something to learn as well as teach - this is the blend for you! There may be a time when your animal will know better than you in a specific circumstance and ignore your request.

Observe first before you assume you are right. Maybe there is a better or safer way. We call that 'intelligent disobedience'.

While we are trying to establish a friendship with a different species, communication and how it is received is paramount to success. Success is not obedience - it is a happy team.

Product Details

We blend Flower Essences of Chestnut Bud for communication, Arnica for motivation, Gorse for friendship, Mimulus for emotional insecurity, and Lady's Slipper for (in)decisiveness.

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