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Omega Oil + Probiotic Bundle

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16 oz Omega Oil + 8.2 oz Probiotic

About this product

The dogs of Dogly love this bundle because it promotes healthy skin and good gut bacteria for our dogs!

The 16 oz omega oil is made from 5 simple ingredients including ethically sourced, wild-caught fish and helps your dog achieve optimal levels of all omega-3s. The 8.2 oz probiotic includes four targeted probiotics, plus artichoke and pumpkin to maintain the right fibrous home for good gut flora and protein-packed bone broth for taste.

Product Details

Perfect for:

  • Restoring gut health after antibiotic use
  • Stressful situations that cause upset stomachs
  • Improving intestinal and immune systems on the regular
  • Aiding in the introduction to new food
  • Treating larger stomach ailments (like leaky gut and IBD)
  • A daily dose of much-needed nutrients not found in kibble alone
  • Helping to reduce itching and scratching during allergy season
  • Promoting relief from mild-to-moderate joint pain
  • Helping to soothe any skin and coat issues

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