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Witchy mare
Witchy 2

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Witchy mare
Witchy 2
Witchy mare
Witchy 2
About this product

Years ago, I had a gorgeous Quarter Horse mare - a redhead - who liked and accepted only a few people. She was on the fence about me! This personality quirk did not work well in public as you can imagine! We were shunned, asked to leave, or ignored at events and often in my own arena! Came time when I had to sell this mare and no one liked her attitude...

So I created a blend for her = a blend of lavender essential oil with flower essences of dandelion for cheery optimism, apple blossom to overcome past trauma with residual negative self-image, and red clover to promote bonding and eliminate hostility. Voila! This mare transformed within a few weeks into a lovely, co-operative horse.

Use this Remedy before dealing with difficult people, troublesome co-workers, the public, stressful situations, and works fabulously in traffic! There is no wrong time to use it. There is never a right time to be a WITCHY MARE!

Product Details

  • Therapeutic grade essential oils blended with flower essence remedies to help restore emotional balance, quiet problems, and move on after trauma. These remedies were designed for humans but work equally well on dogs and horses.

  • For humans: Spray wrists, palms, and/or feet. Alternatively spray 2 puffs into the air and walk into mist while your eyes are closed. mist environment. spritz hair. use every few hours as needed.

  • For dogs, horses, and some other species: spray your hands and rub animal, mist bedding, spray directly on animals coat or kennels or mist the environment.

  • These aromas contain essential oils and therefore are not safe for cats or other felines!

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Humans behind the brand

Meg Harrison

Then she had a revelation in the aftermath of a horrible horseback riding accident when the horse's owner used flower essences on Meg and her horse to great effect...

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