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Need a reset for new hope?

About this product

We knew the people of the Gulf region post-Katrina were going to have difficulty "re-building" mentally and emotionally so we blended Bulgarian lavender essential oil with flower essences of Iroquois sweetgrass, gorse, yarrow, arnica montana, & 12,000 GrandFathers to promote hope, comfort, and acceptance.

Since that time, PERMISSION TO ENJOY has been instrumental in re-building lives bogged down by confusion, upheaval, and loss, leaving us feeling life is not worth enjoying as it is in this moment... PERMISSION TO ENJOY creates a new 'mind-set' offering new choices, possibilities, and optimism.

Product Details

  • Therapeutic grade essential oils blended with flower essence remedies to help restore emotional balance, quiet problems, and move on after trauma. These remedies were designed for humans but work equally well on dogs and horses.

  • For humans: Spray wrists, palms, and/or feet. Alternatively spray 2 puffs into the air and walk into mist while your eyes are closed. mist environment. spritz hair. use every few hours as needed.

  • For dogs, horses, and some other species: spray your hands and rub animal, mist bedding, spray directly on animals coat or kennels or mist the environment.

  • These aromas contain essential oils and therefore are not safe for cats or other felines!

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