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Dog Nose and Paw Protection Balm

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About this product

Pup Wax balm is the do-it-all dog paw balm and dry dog nose treatment that will help your dog stop scratching & biting their skin, clear up that pesky rash on their belly, stop licking & chewing their paws or kiss their dry, crusty nose goodbye fast!

This organic beeswax based paw wax heals flaking noses and skin irritations fast. It quickly soothes and moisturizes as it protects against dryness, allergens, irritants, hot pavement, gravel, ice, salt, snow, and other harsh surfaces.


organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic hempseed oil

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Humans behind the brand


Pup Wax® was born to solve the problem of dry crusty dog noses, cracked and dry paws in the winter, and itchy or scorched paws in the summer with clean, safe, and fast-working ingredients that lock moisture in and seal irritants out...

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