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2-in-1 Deshedding Grooming Brush

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About this product

This 2-in-1 deshedding dog brush is the perfect multi-purpose massaging brush for gently maintaining your dog's coat and it works well on all hair types and lengths.

The gentle massaging pin side detangles knots, removes loose hair or fur, and loosens dander and trapped dirt.

The polishing bristle side removes excess dander while distributing natural oils to leave the coat smooth and shiny.

Regular use helps to stimulate follicles to promote healthy coats and growth.

Product Details

Designed with a wooden handle. Wood carries a negative ionic charge, which lays down the outer part of a dog's hair – the cuticle – making hair look and feel smoother. Sealed cuticles are vital for helping to retain moisture and preventing hair from drying out.

9" H x 2.69" W x 2.25" Deep

For use with dogs only. If injuries occur, contact veterinarian immediately. Do not leave your pets unattended with this product, and store out of reach of any pets.

Inspect regularly and discard if brush becomes damaged or any piece becomes loose or detached.

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