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Holistic Eye Supplement for Pets

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60 chewable tablets

About this product

Dogly loves this holistic eye supplement for dogs and cats formulated by veterinarians with natural ingredients to help preserve the health and function of your pet's eyes. Natural herbal ingredients such as mulberry, cassia, wolfberry, dendrobium, common yam, and rehmannia are incorporated to promote circulatory and lacrimal health to reduce excessive tear secretions and staining, prevent and delay the onset of cataracts, and reduce irritation from dry eyes.

  • Recommended for pets of all ages and sizes

Product Details

Daily Amount: 1 chewable tablet per 11 lbs of weight. For the first 10 days give 2x Daily Amount. After initial period, for maintenance, follow the Daily Amount.

*For pets over 33 lbs, please follow the Daily Amount


Soluble Dietary Fiber (Isomaltodextrin > 95%), Lycium (fruit), Mulberry (leaf), Common Yam (rhizome), Dendrobium (stem), Cassia (seed), Poria (sclerotium), Rehmannia (root)

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