Black Padded Dog Collar

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About this product

The sports collar provides the ultimate comfort for the athletic dog when running, jogging, hiking, swimming, or walking.

PREMIUM QUALITY: We chose a high quality material to ensure the collar has the strength it needs to stand up against years of repeated stress from fun loving activities. The material is weather resistant and won’t wear with exposure to moisture.

NEOPRENE PADDING: The cushion adds comfort and traction providing the best experience during high level activities. Additionally, neoprene is naturally resistant to absorbing odor.

Product Details

HEAVY DUTY BUT LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed for the athletic dog the Sport Collar intentionally maintains a lightweight design but is built specifically with heavy duty buckles, clasps, and Velcro that are tough enough to resist forces from the most playful dogs.

REFLECTIVE stitching, just in case you find yourself walking, running, jogging, or hiking with your dog as the sun goes down.

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