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Indigo Ocean Collar


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Billy Wolf donates 20% of every Dogly purchase to support a shelter of your choice.

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About this product

This is indigo road, a collection featuring goods made from vintage indigo mud cloths.

Traditional mud cloths each have a story to tell. The cotton fabric is dyed with green leaves from the indigo plant then hand-woven on looms. The arrangement of the symbols revels something secret about the intended meaning. The language of the cloth was passed down from mother to daughter.

Each item has unique stitching, hand mending and color variances. No two items are identical making them as special as the pup who wears them.

Product Details

  • Vintage indigo ikat mud cloth sleeve
  • West-tan buffalo leather body
  • Brass buckle and o-ring
  • Hand stamped copper rivets
  • Embossed Billy Wolf logo
  • Handcrafted in New York


  • Small: 12-14", 1/2" width
  • Medium: 15-18", 3/4" width
  • Large: 19-22", 1" width

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Humans behind the brand


All of our coats and bandanas are made from vintage and American-made fabrics and finished with salvaged buttons and handcrafted labels in New York City. We source vintage and dead stock items for the unique yet classic look it yields and to minimize waste...

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