The Best Offense is Management
with Karen Chapdelaine of TheTimelessDog, Training Advocate

Setting your dog up for success is a phrase we hear a lot lately. Just how do we go about doing that?


In this video I talk about the different forms of management, but please know that not all forms work for all dogs. Some dogs never learn to love their kennel and that is fine. We just need to find another way to manage any "bad" behaviors we are experiencing with our dogs.

Some of the forms of management are:

  • collars
  • leashes
  • long lines
  • kennels
  • exercise pens
  • doors
  • baby gates
  • blinds

When we properly use management to work on "bad" behaviors we can more easily work on better behaviors we want our dogs to do.

Karen Chapdelaine of TheTimelessDog

Training Advocate
Dogly loves Karen because she helps us live life with our dogs in a way that's rewarding, calm, and happy - and does it with empathy.

Karen guides you

Aggression - Basic Manners - Marker Training - Enrichment - Leash Manners - Reactivity

Karen is certified

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) - Fear Free Certified - DN-CET (DogNostic - Canine Enrichment Technician)