How to Get your Dog to Love their Harness
with Karen Chapdelaine of TheTimelessDog, Training Advocate

Now that we have talked about Management and its different forms, lets talk about how to get your dog to enjoy the tools we use. In this video, I show you how to get your dog to enjoy putting on their harness.

Most dogs enjoy wearing their collar or harness right from the beginning but that does not mean that all dogs do or will. It is important to properly introduce them to these items so they do not feel uncomfortable wearing them. Also sometimes a dog who has previously loved wearing their harness can come to not like it anymore. I know that I have unfortunately caught a piece of CJ's skin in the clips once or twice as I have put it on him. Having just one experience with that happening can cause your dog to be fearful of the harness or collar.

This skill can be used for any piece of equipment you are trying to help your dog enjoy. The goal is for your dog to move towards the item willingly instead of forcing it upon them.

A dog who has the chance to choose if they engage with something is more likely to want to engage with it in the future.

Get your dog to love his/her harness.

Karen Chapdelaine of TheTimelessDog

Training Advocate
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