Teach your dog to settle anywhere!
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

One of the most important steps to setting your dog up for success in public is being able to settle on cue. By shaping a "Go to Mat" cue, your dog will have a reliable, safe and predictable place to lie where good things happen!

Follow along with the attached video for the foundation steps!

  • Create a positive association to the mat - mat in environment = good things
  • Active engagement with mat - Anytime mat is on the ground and your dog places paws onto it, reinforcement will follow.
  • Pick up mat when not in use.
  • Sitting on the mat is better than lying (higher value or better reinforcement)
  • Lying is the best - this can be captured, shaped or lured after the initial steps are in place

Comment in my community when you're ready for more challenge and I'll add next steps!