For people who want to create a successful "patio" dog.
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

Recorded on
Wednesday, Jun 23, 8 PM EDT

This support group is for people who want to have a "patio" dog but aren't sure where to start... Choose how you would like to access the recording below

So you want to take your dog to.....

Lounge at the brewery, hang at the cafe, relax at the restaurant. It’s every pet parent's dream, right? But for some dogs, it may not be the ideal afternoon or the idea of a relaxing evening.

Let's talk about it! 

This support group is for people who have always wanted to take their dogs to those dog friendly places but aren't sure if their dog is a good candidate or where to start.

With COVID restrictions easing up in much of North America, people are ready to get out and do “normal” things again. If you’re anything like me, these last 15 months have left me feeling a bit rusty in terms of my own socialization skills, so I know my dogs are not in practice with their people and dog skills!  

As a trainer specializing in separation anxiety and fear related behaviors I know all too well the instinct to bring our dogs everywhere, and in some cases this might actually be needed management to set your dog up to succeed with home alone training, but before you leash up your pup and bring them out to the nearest brewery, restaurant or cafe - let’s talk about what makes a successful patio dog. 

First, we will ask ourselves the following questions about our dogs: 

  • Does your dog enjoy being around new people?
  • Does your dog enjoy being around new dogs? 
  • Does your dog adjust well to loud noises or sudden environmental changes? 
  • Does your dog share resources such as food/water/space/you with unknown people and dogs? 

Next we need to set realistic expectations for ourselves

  • Am I willing to put in training to help my dog succeed in new environments? 
  • Am I willing to prioritize my dog's comfort over mine? 
  • Am I willing to listen to my dog's needs when out, even if that means ending my fun time early? 
  • Am I willing to advocate for my dog with people and dogs? 

If you have a dog that struggles to be home alone, we will talk about ways to set them up for success even if they may not be ready for every situation but need to come along for the ride while you are training.

Join me, Melissa Dallier, a certified professional dog trainer and certified separation anxiety trainer as I help guide you through the tough questions we have to ask ourselves before putting our dogs and the general public into possibly dangerous situations when we choose to bring our dogs into "dog friendly" places.