Dogly loves Amber because she is a certified professional dog trainer but shares information in a relatable way we can all identify with and learn from.

Articles from Amber:

Purposeful Disengagement The Secret to getting your dog to come RUNNING when you call! Recall Cues - what you're probably doing wrong. Finding Motivation to Train Subtle Dog Body Language - WARNING SIGNS! How to Use Distractions as Cues for Attention | Part 2 Distractions as Cues for Attention Get your dog to Drop ANYTHING! How often should I train my dog? My dog is well behaved, so now what? How to Use Distractions as Cues for Attention | Part 1 Premack Principle Revamped - Utilizing Environmental Rewards Auto Check-Ins Leash Off - Game On A behavior your dog NEEDS to know. 3 Recall Games to Improve "Come when Called" This fun party trick is sure to get lots of laughs! Muzzle Training & Conditioning A super useful trick to train your dog! (Close a Door) Engagement through the end of the year! (and always)