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Yak Milk Dog Chew - Small

For Dogs Under 15 lbs

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PeaksNPaws donates 3% of every Dogly purchase to support a shelter of your choice.

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About this product

Our all natural yak milk chews are a delicious, healthy and fun alternative to all the chemically treated and laboratory-made products out there.

These delicious chews are handmade at 15,000 feet in the majestic mountains of the Himalayas with just four simple and pure ingredients. Known as Churpi in Nepal, they are consumed by the people of the Himalayas as a quick and easy protein source.

Depending on the size and eating habits of the dog, these Himalayan mountain milk chews last a long time and are easily digestible since they are virtually lactose free. The best part? Dogs love them. When you give your best friend a tasty peaksNpaws chew, you continue to build upon the age-old fundamental bond between human and dog.

Our yak milk chews have minimal wastage associated with their use. When your dog chews them down to an “end nub” piece, you can microwave the small piece and it will become a cheese puff, which you can then break up and feed your dog as a treat. This prevents any choking hazard and it’s a great way to enjoy each yak dog chew to the very last bite. Microwave them for 45-60 seconds and then in 10-second increments until you get a fully puffed up treat.

Product Details

Guaranteed analysis:

  • crude protein (min.)……….….53%
  • crude fat (min.)…………………..1%
  • crude fiber (max.)……………….1%
  • moisture (max.).................10.4%
  • ash (max.)..............................6%


Make sure you keep your yak dog chews in a dry place at room temperature and away from any kind of moisture. After use, simply wipe them with a paper towel and leave them to dry.


Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Salt and Lime Juice

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Humans behind the brand

Akanksha & Karan

We are a Denver based company founded in 2017. The roots of the company go back 25 years, when the three founders, little seven year olds then, started their journey as best friends. It’s no surprise that loyalty and trust define who we are...

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