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Tie Dye Fleece Coat

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About this product

The dogs of Dogly love these coats! They're made with super cozy, double-lined polyester fleece to keep your dogs warm and dry in any weather. The easy on/off design allows you to slip it over the head and quickly attach the army grade, 2-inch-wide nylon belting around the belly. A sturdy strip of Velcro ensures that the coat will stay on and stay in place while your dog runs, romps, or even curls up for a nap. And the best part? You can toss it in the washer and dryer over and over.

Product Details

Petite - Length: 8" - Weight: 2-4 lbs. - Type of Dog: TeaCups

XS - Length: 11" - Weight: 5-10 lbs. - Type of Dog: Toy Poodle, Yorkie, Toy Fox Terrier, Papillon, Chihuahua, Maltese

Doxie - Length: 14" - Weight: 9-12 lbs - Dachshund

Small - Length: 14" - Weight: 11-20 lbs. - Type of Dog: Shih Tzu, Bichon, Boston Terrier, NorfolkTerrier, Pug, Jack Russell, Wire Hair or Larger Dachshund

Medium - Length: 17" - Weight: 21-34 lbs. - Type of Dog: Corgi, Lhasa Apso, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Westie

Medium Plus - Length: 20" - Weight: 35-50 lbs. - Type of Dog: Wheaton, Small Bulldog, Amstaff, Large French Bulldog

Special Bulldog Size - Length: 18" - Weight: 50-65 lbs - Type of Dog: English Bulldog

Large - Length: 23" - Weight: 51-80 lbs. - Type of Dog: Labrador, Dalmatian, Pitbull

XL - Length: 26" - Weight: 81-115 lbs. - Type of Dog: Golden Retriever, Greyhound, German Shepherd

XXL - Length: 29" - Weight: 116-155 lbs. - Type of Dog: Boxer, BullMastiff, Rottweiler

3XL - Length: 32" - Weight: 156-220 lbs. - Type of Dog: Mastiff, Great Dane

Humans behind the brand


I started SnugPups out of the need to quickly and easily dress my Papillon and three adorable poodle babies. My goal was to get all four pups dressed and ready for outdoors in under a minute...

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