Brown/Brass The Trailblazer Collar


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About this product

Blue is 60 lbs. and wearing a size 18".

Taking our inspiration from our own sporting dogs, Baron and Gunner, we created a collar for them that offers function in the field and on the street.

The Trailblazer incorporates a center ring that will flip the collar if your partner gets himself into trouble. Each collar is embossed with the Gitli arrows.


  • 1.25" wide


  • Rich brown pull up that gets better with daily use/ Antique Brass hardware

Sizes are based on the length between the turnback (where the buckle is attached to the leather) and the center hole. There is a 1 1/2” leeway on either side of the center hold for adjustment. The holes are 1/2” apart.

Example: An 18” collar will fit a dog with a neck measurement of 16.5” to 19.5”.

Product Details

Sizes typically fit:

  • 10” - Yorkie, Chihuahua, and similar smaller dogs
  • 12” - Jack Russell and King Charles Cavalier Spaniels
  • 14” - French Bulldog, Beagle
  • 16” - Vizsla, Pitbull
  • 18” German Shorthaired Pointer, American & English Bulldog
  • 20” - Lab, Weimaraner
  • 22” Golden Retriever, Boxer
  • 24” Great Dane, German Shepard
  • 26” Newfoundland, Mastiff


Co-Dog of Dogly

"Named for its trailblazing style, of course."

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removed1 The Roper Lead
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Humans behind the brand


Gitli Goods is a distinctive, American made, lifestyle brand for dogs and the people who love them. With Gitli Goods, we strive to capture an authentic American spirit and recreate the integrity and time honored details found in the vintage pieces that inspire us...

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