Vitamins & Minerals 101 | B5: Pantothenic Acid - Part 2
with Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog, Nutrition Advocate

B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Part 2

Pantothentic acid or B5 is everywhere, but organ meats are an exceptionally rich source. However, adding organ meats to kibble or other complete commercial foods can be risky if not implemented correctly due to the nutrient density. Liver in particular is rich in Pantothenic Acid, regardless of the animal source of the liver. A homemade diet rich in organ meats and meat will be rich in B5.

As far as adding to kibble, lean muscle meat, heart, eggs, fish, and duck meat in particular can significantly boost Pantothenic acid- even when just feeding a light topper. Certainly something to consider as poorly formulated processed foods can likely sub-optimally provide B5

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