Preparing Your Pup for Your Baby's Arrival
with Ayelet Berger of SabraDogTraining, Training Advocate

In this video I discuss the highlights of what you can do make sure your dog is prepared for baby to arrive.

*Clarification: In part of the video I talk about Adaptil and that it is a synthetic version of the pheromone the momma gives off to her babies when she's nursing them. I mean the dog momma and the puppies (not the human momma and the human baby)!

Ayelet Berger of SabraDogTraining

Training Advocate
Dogly loves Ayelet because she grew from rescue volunteer to one of Nashville’s only Certified Professional Trainers.

Ayelet guides you

Anxiety - Kids & Dogs - Puppies - New Dogs - Reactivity - Dog Body Language

Ayelet is certified

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed - Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner - Family Paws Licensed Presenter - Fear Free Trainer