Pet Safety & Halloween
with Ruby Leslie of WelfareForAnimals, Training Advocate

Recorded on
Tuesday, Oct 19, 7 PM MDT

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Do doorbells make your dog bark or run away in terror?

Is your dog spooked by the ghosts haunting your neighbour's yard?

Does your dog want to eat all of your child's candy?

Does your cat want to eat all the plastic wrappers?

Do people in costumes make your dog or cat shiver in fear?

Does your dog really need to go trick-or-treating with you?

Does your dog really enjoy wearing costumes???

If you have a reactive dog or a dog with behavioural concerns, then Halloween can be a night of terror for your dog. If you have a scaredy-cat, how to keep them safe on All Hallows Night? Throughout the month of October, we will give you Pet Safety tips on how you can make Halloween less terrifying for your pets, and how to keep them safe!

We will discuss all these questions and concerns during our FREE Dogly Pet Safety Halloween Support Group on October 19 at 7pm.

Let's make Halloween less spooky and safer for your pets.

Ruby Leslie of WelfareForAnimals

Training Advocate
Dogly loves Ruby because she brings her rescue experiences to our dogs - to increase our bond, decrease behavior issues.

Ruby guides you

New Dogs - Manners - Enrichment - Reactivity - Barking - Walking

Ruby is certified

Low Stress Handling - Fear Free Veterinary Professional - Fear Free Shelters - Shelter Welfare - Enrichment - & Canine Behaviour