Myth Busting
with Ayelet Berger of SabraDogTraining, Training Advocate

Hey y'all! Let's bust some dog myths that can get in the way of setting up your dog for training success. I'm going to list a bunch of popular misconceptions about dog training and behavior that I've heard over the years. Let us know which myths on this list surprised you and add your own myths in the comments!

Here we go:

  1. Dogs are like modern-day wolves and should be treated as such in regards to "pack mentality"
  2. If your dog walks in front of you she is trying to be dominant
  3. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety you should never let her sleep in the bed with you
  4. Some dogs are just "Alpha"
  5. If you use treats to train, your dog will only work if treats are present
  6. Invisible fences don't hurt or scare the dog
  7. Force Free trainers can teach dogs new behaviors, but they can't stop a dog's unwanted behavior
  8. You should tug on your dog's ears and tail before having a baby so she gets used to it
  9. If a dog growls at you, you should punish her
  10. Playing tug-of-war with your dog will make her aggressive

So...what myths can you bust for us?!

Ayelet Berger of SabraDogTraining

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