Muzzle Conditioning - Teach your dog to love their muzzle
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

Does your dog know how to wear a muzzle? Does your dog enjoy wearing a muzzle? Do you know how to properly introduce a muzzle?

In this video I take you through all of the beginning steps of properly introducing a basket muzzle to your dog! Why? Because muzzles are a wonderful tool in helping dogs to succeed in a number of different settings!

We will advance together - more videos next week on strapping the muzzle and adding duration! Tag me in your posts on social media so I can see how your dog is doing! @acanineaffinity on IG

Why to dogs wear muzzles?

  • Vet visits - Dogs who are nervous at the vet
  • Emergency vet visits
  • To prevent the eating of dangerous items
  • During behavior modification and training plans
  • If a dog acts aggressively towards dogs - muzzle can be worn in public for safety
  • If a dog acts aggressively towards people - muzzle can be worn in public for safety

Muzzles should not be worn with the intention of putting a dog into a situation where they may act aggressively on purpose. For instance, to take a dog to the dog park who is fearful of dogs or who does not act appropriately around dogs.

Muzzles are not for "bad dogs" muzzles are for GOOD DOGS with responsible owners! Muzzle training is a wonderful idea for ALL DOGS. If one day you find yourself needing to use a muzzle in an emergency situation and your dog has never been conditioned to it, they may very likely find the situation stressful. Taking some time to properly acclimate your dog to a muzzle may save their lives! It takes just a few minutes a day and should be fun for both you and your dog!

Join along, have fun and teach this useful skill with me!

Here are some additional resources for muzzle training and for muzzles to purchase

Baskerville Ultra Muzzles :

Bumas Muzzles - Custom made muzzles:

Muzzle Up Project: Advocacy, Training and Resources for all things muzzles!

See you soon

Melissa Dallier

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