Most important thing to teach your new puppy!!
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

If you have a puppy, one of the first and most important behaviors to teach is that paying attention to you is wonderful!

Puppies are learning a lot, very quickly, so patience is key. In this quick video I'm teaching Kai through the use of positive reinforcement that walking near me and looking at me pays well.

Anytime he is near me I will offer a tiny treat and tell him YES to let him know that I like what he is doing. Through repetition and consistent rewarding for this behavior he will learn that paying attention to me is fun.

But remember, that if you have a puppy to keep these sessions brief and be patient. Puppies are easily distracted and need time to play, sleep and recharge. Don't be upset if they can't pay attention all the time. Learning is hard.

Good luck!

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