Making Essential Oils Safe for Your Dog: Dilution Chart
with Alicia Boemi of HolisticPetWellness, Wellness Advocate

Week 4

Dilution is key when using essential oils, and it can be tricky to figure out the best dilution ratio. I prefer to use the motto ‘less is more’ when it comes to using essential oils on dogs and even myself. While there are many charts out there with dilution ratios, I find this one is best for use with dogs specifically. When using a new oil with a dog, I always start with a 0.25%-0.5% dilution. Dogs are so sensitive to all scents including essential oils that it’s best not to overwhelm them with an oil right from the beginning. 

In the next workshop, I'll share the lesson on how to safely introduce oils to your dog so you'll know whether or not your dog likes the oil. It's important to avoid using any oils that your dog shows a negative reaction to rather than signaling positive interest.

Alicia Boemi of HolisticPetWellness

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