Live Support Group For People With Dogs Who Feel Like Black Sheep
with Ayelet Berger of SabraDogTraining, Training Advocate

Recorded on
Wednesday, May 5, 8 PM EDT

This support group is for people who Have Ever Felt Like A Bad Dog Guardian (Hint: You're Not) Choose how you would like to access the recording below

If you've ever felt embarrassed by your dog's behavior, or felt like you just haven't "done enough" to help a dog that is/was in your life, you're not alone.

Join us if you'd like to:

  • Understand how human behavior does - and most importantly doesn't - influence a dog's temparament
  • Get to the bottom of Nature vs Nurture when it comes to your dog's behavior
  • Feel support from a community of people who have been in your shoes
  • Learn just how common your experience is from a Certified Trainer who has seen it all and lived a lot of it!
  • Release any guilt or embarrassment you are harboring

No embarrassment is too larger or too small. Whether you get flushed when your dog knocks over your nieces or you've had to euthanize a dog to keep the community safe, you'll find a safe space to deal with it all.

Join us for this live support chat on May 5th at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central.