Individualized Nutrition- How Does It Work? (Homemade vs. Commercial)
with Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog, Nutrition Advocate

Occasionally I do recipe drop-offs here and I want to provide some insight on how this process works. If you are interested in this field professionally, you may also find these interesting!

How exactly is a homemade balanced diet often more optimal and precise for each dog? What do nutritionists take into consideration when formulating? How are we able to meet nutrient needs on a specific basis while accounting for their energy needs?

I did a run through of the audience and I feel that many are familiar with nutrient guidelines but maybe not what it looks like from start to finish.

These videos aren't short- so feel free to pick one with your morning coffee and watch in your free time. They are quite easy to follow!

Part 1- Going through a client intake form.

Part 2- Formulating the diet (what most people want to see)

Part 3- Making the write-up and reflections

I have content ready to go for the next section of the vitamins and minerals course and please don't forget to submit questions for our next AMA!

Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog

Nutrition Advocate
Dogly loves Savannah because she provides nutrition advice based on the dog in front of you and your lifestyle.

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Raw Feeding - Basic Nutrition - Fresh Feeding - Home Cooking - Whole Foods - Supplementation

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