How to Help Your Fearful Dog Feel Safe and Secure
with Ruby Leslie of WelfareForAnimals, Training Advocate

Recorded on
Wednesday, May 26, 9 PM EDT

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Did you adopt a rescue dog who's extremely fearful? Who can't even put on their harness or be handled without cowering, shakes or hides at every sudden noise or is wary of doorways/entrances?

Dogs can be fearful due to

  • genetics
  • learning history (such as I raise my hand dog cowers as dogs think a raise hand means they'll be hit)- called learned or associative fears
  • lack of socialization
  • shock in new environments
  • a traumatic experience or abuse
  • pain/illness

Having a highly fearful rescue dog in your home can be extremely challenging and emotionally draining. It is hard to know what to do.

For our next Support Group May 26 at 7pm MTN time we will focus on how to help fearful rescue dogs. We will discuss case studies and focus on:

  • desensitization and counter-conditioning to noises, handling and equipment
  • dogs who are scared of going outside
  • dogs who are scared to come inside from the backyard
  • dogs who are scared of people approaching and may growl due to fear
  • dogs who are scared of doorways

From May 26 onwards we will also cover these points in our Dogly workshops!

Join US! May 26 at 7pm MTN time!

Ruby Leslie of WelfareForAnimals

Training Advocate
Dogly loves Ruby because she brings her rescue experiences to our dogs - to increase our bond, decrease behavior issues.

Ruby guides you

New Dogs - Manners - Enrichment - Reactivity - Barking - Walking

Ruby is certified

Low Stress Handling - Fear Free Veterinary Professional - Fear Free Shelters - Shelter Welfare - Enrichment - & Canine Behaviour