DIY Enrichment Course and DIY Holee Ball ideas
with Ruby Leslie of WelfareForAnimals, Training Advocate

Transform ordinary into extraordinary for your dogs.


This ball is a great opportunity for many different kinds of enrichment for so many different species! Many people have this ball but do not know how to use it. Let’s see a few ideas...

  • Add paper for lots of fun
  • Make it into a snuffle ball!
  • Use carrots, sweet potato, a boiled egg, apple slices, bully sticks or more to make a crunchy treat
  • Add your dog’s toys and some food like kibble or a bully treat to make a novel enrichment item
  • Add a Kong-type toy    
  • Add Stuffed Toilet Paper Rolls            



Dogs are introduced to novel items every day, some of which can be much scarier to them than they are to us. For example, a vacuum is no big deal to us but some dogs might be petrified of the noise! Let’s help your dog learn that these novel items are fun and interesting by transforming them into a novel item enrichment game. Your dog may chew or make these items a bit smelly, so bear that in mind.

Create a body awareness confidence course that can involve everyday items, or even boxes



Easy version

  1. Toss different valued treats in your garden and cue your dog to go sniff, so they have dinner using a scatter feed or to help your dog calm down

 Intermediate version for socialization, body awareness and novel enrichment purposes

ALWAYS drop kibble and different valued treats over everything to encourage your dog to sniff and walk over/around all items.

Let your dog in and no need to add a cue, simply silently observe and help as needed. If your dog is frustrated (tries to interact with the item but walks away), make it easier for them. If your dog is frightened, remove the object and at another time do desensitization training with that object

  1. Lay out across 1 room the following;
  2. a snuffle mat,
  3. open-ended umbrella (laying on the ground and open),
  4. different sized boxes,
  5. a dog tunnel,
  6. stuffables like Kong, K9 Connectables, treat balls, Busy Buddy, etc. filled with goodness
  7. muffin pans with toys on top,
  8. different substrates like blankets, towels, your old t-shirts, cushions or odd things for their feet- layer these to make it like a pyramid or blocks,
  9. your dog’s crate,
  10. a ball pit or a kiddie's pool full of balls or toys,
  11. vacuum and brooms,
  12. cones, tubes, tires,
  13. be inventive.

Bear in mind! Do not use a stuffed dog or anything that looks like a dog as that can be used for behaviour modification, not for enrichment purposes unless your dog loves their stuffie dog. It may do the opposite of what you want and create fear for your dog. But do use stuffies!


Ruby Leslie of WelfareForAnimals

Training Advocate
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