Corona Virus Update for Dogs and Cats
with Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog, Nutrition Advocate


We moved a few states over. Apologies for my absence but I am happy to continue to provide free content for the time being. Let me know what you are wanting to learn about! Here is a bit of an update on Corona Virus:

Research is being  published at an exceedingly quick rate. We have some updates on the ability of dogs and cats to contract the Novel CoronaVirus.

From Science on April 8th, 2020

Beagle puppies shed the virus in their stools, but replication in internal organs was not noted. The study concluded that susceptibility remains low.

Another piece here (preprint)  found that dogs with a wide age range (some slept in the same bed as their owner) did not contract the virus from infected individuals.

Based off of information thus far, we can conclude that dogs present a very low susceptibility to the virus without consequence.

While this is Dogly, I will still comment on cats from the above links as well as this one here (preprint). It appears that kittens can get quite sick while young adult cats can get mild symptoms (and can spread the disease). It makes sense to protect kittens and to clean up after our pets- which is true regardless of the situation :)

Dog owners have little, if anything, to worry about.

Stay well!

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