Confidence Building for Fearful and Anxious Dogs: Ask the Trainer!
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

Recorded on
Wednesday, Jun 1, 7 PM EDT

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Do you have a dog that struggles with general anxiety or is your dog fearful in certain settings, environments or with new people/places/things? 

Do you ever wonder how you can help your dog become more comfortable in their environment? Learn to adapt or learn new skills? Have you been trying different things but aren't sure if it's working?

One essential building block to helping your dog feel better and in turn, less fearful and anxious is teaching confidence building skills! That makes sense, right? When we as humans get nervous or anxious we lack confidence in a certain situation. It can be the same experience for our dogs. They are uncertain what will happen to them and don't know what to expect next, for dogs who are prone to anxiety these situations are hard! When we help create predictability it can build overall confidence!

As a certified, positive reinforcement dog trainer I want to help you learn how to build up your dog's confidence and have tools to help your dog through tough situations. 

It's so common to have a dog that feels fearful or anxious in our human world. That's why I want to host an hour long "Ask The Trainer" open discussion so you can ask me any questions you've been struggling with recently and we can all learn from each other's experiences.

**Please note, since I don't know the detailed behavior history of your specific dog I won't be able to diagnose or work through extremely detailed issues with you but I will be able to help guide you. Hopefully you'll also learn from your fellow dog guardians going through similar scenarios with their dogs.

We'll start the discussion with a few general tips on building confidence in our fearful and anxious dogs and then we'll open up the room for your questions and shared experiences.

All details will be sent to you from Zoom after you register above. Including the recording which you'll have unlimited access to after registration.

Join us!