Being Prepared for Emergencies of all Kinds
with Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog, Nutrition Advocate

Happy Friday!

I know that very likely everybody's email is getting bombarded with information regarding the novel Corona virus, but I wanted to answer some FAQ about the virus.

Q: Can dogs get the novel Corona Virus

A: There is no evidence to suggest this. ->

Q: Are there food preparations that should be done?

A: I feel that regardless of the presence of an emergency, it is always good practice to keep well-preserved food on hand in the event of any sort of emergency. Characteristics of this include:

-ideally does not require a freezer

-does not go rancid easily

-is well tolerated by the dog

Kibble left out (even in an unopened bag) goes bad. It is not perfectly airtight. Canned food would be a better option here. However, canned food can be quite expensive. If you choose kibble, consider freezing it to better preserve it until it is actually needed. Keeping kibble at room temperature for long periods of time means that it could go bad by the time you find yourself in a situation where you need it.

Dehydrated and freeze dried foods are another option- but definitely check the expiration date. These can also be more expensive.

It is ideal to test the food before gently stocking up. Select a food that is similar in caloric density, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and ingredients to whatever the current diet is (if feeding fresh). For example, if feeding a low fat diet for any given reason, make sure that the storage food is also low fat. If your dog requires a lot of energy, make sure that the food has appropriate caloric density.

Ideally, making a good emergency inventory of food means having bought a little extra food here and there so that it is not a financial burden if an emergency happens. This also includes non-illness related emergencies including natural disasters or a sudden financial emergency.

I am not suggesting that owners need to go to the store and wipe out the shelves. However, having food on hand for you and your pet means you won't be in a difficult situation should you or a loved one unfortunately gets sick. Being prepared allows you to stay home to protect yourself and others. Remember that many websites also offer delivery.

Please be mindful of others when you go out in public.

Stay well!

Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN

Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog

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