3 Things to Think About Before You Bring Home a Pup for the Holidays
with Tressa Fessenden-McKenzie of PathandPaw, Training Advocate

Are you considering bringing home a new puppy or dog for the holidays? This is a big commitment and there are lots of factors to consider before you make that choice. Let's talk about a few of the important considerations to make:

  1. No surprises. Make sure everyone in the household is on board and knows what their role will be. Who will be in charge of which caretaking duties?
  2. Developmentally appropriate involvement for kids. Is the dog going to be a gift for a child? Make sure you know ahead of time what your kiddo's involvement will look like, and that your expectations are realistic. Ultimately, an adult needs to be willing to take on the responsibility of this animal's care. Unrealistic expectations are unfair to the child, the dog, and to you!
  3. Timing is everything. Have a plan for how you will manage this new pup during the holiday chaos. Your puppy doesn't know how expensive or precious those holiday gifts and decor are! Have management tools like crates, gates, x-pens and tethers ready to go. Or, consider bringing the pooch home once the holiday hullabaloo is subsiding.

For more on this topic, check out last year's article: Please Don't Get Your Kid a Puppy for Christmas

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