Slippery Elm Supplement


Slippery elm supplement back

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Slippery elm supplement back
Slippery elm supplement back
About this product

Slippery elm contains a synergistic mix of plant mucilage, tannins and polysaccharides that help promote healthy digestive functions and support normal waste elimination. Useful for occasional; bouts of coughing too!

Slippery elm is applicable for diarrhea, enteritis, colitis, and irritations of the stomach, the tannin constituents of slippery elm tighten digestive mucosa to reduce inflammation and inhibit the entrance of excess fluids into the intestines.

In cases of constipation, slippery elm soothes, protects, and lubricates mucous membranes, assisting and relaxing smooth muscles that have been working extra hard to eliminate waste.

Higher up in the digestive tract, slippery elm lubricates and helps reduce inflammation in the throat, making swallowing easier and soothing a painful cough. It can also relieve the discomforts of kennel cough and other types of bronchitis.

Slippery elm can also be applied to wounds, ulcers, boils, or abscesses.

Product Details

  • Primary Medicinal Activities: Lubricates, soothes, and protects internal mucous membranes; emollient, astringent, anti-inflammatory, nutritive

  • Strongest affinities: Digestive tract, respiratory tract, skin

A good starting dose for the tincture is 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon for each 20 lbs of your pet's weight, once or twice daily.


Slippery elm, vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water

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