Recipe Series | NRC Raw Recipe for a 65 lb Dog, Lower Calorie
with Savannah Welna of FeedThyDog, Nutrition Advocate

As the community continues to grow, I plan on putting out general information until members have specific inquiries about what they want to learn. I am going to try to get several complete recipes out a month for dogs of various sizes. This will be raw, cooked, with bone, without bone..etc. Of course, direction of members will determine what I post.

This recipe is for a 65 lb dog who is lower activity.

Calorie Distribution | 946 kcal for one day

Protein: 48%

Fat 40.3%

Carbohydrate: 10.9%

Fiber: 2.5% on a DMB

Omega 6:3 Ratio | 6.13:1

Zinc:Copper | 9.5:1

Here are the ingredients for a fourteen day batch.

*Eggs can be hardboiled or raw

*Green ingredients fed fresh

*Red ingredients are evenly mixed into the batch (blue ingredients)

*Sweet potato is without skin

*RMB is chicken wing- weight includes the bone and meat

*All plant ingredients can be fed raw if blended well except the sweet potato

Thank you for respecting my work and not sharing outside of Dogly.

Prep Instructions

1. Optional: Hardboil eggs

2. Cook the plant matter. Sweet potato can be baked, pressure cooked, microwaved in a pinch... scoop flesh from sweet potato. Discard or compost skins.

3. Make your supplement mix. In a small bowl, combine the red ingredients according to the amounts given. This is the total amounts for the entire batch recipe. 14 days worth in this case. Mix into a fine powder. If you have tablets, crush them first. If capsules, empty them. Mix well!

4. Carefully and slowly mix your mineral mix from step 3 into your sweet potato. Mix well! The sweet potato will act as a carrier for these supplements in the recipe.

5. Now combine all blue ingredients- including animal ingredients and groats supplement ingredient. Mix well. Some items like the liver will need to be finely chopped or thrown in a blender.

6. Now portion into 14 days worth of food. You might do 14 containers and feed half the container at a time if doing 2 meals a day etc. Don't worry about each container weighing the exact same- just do your best to get it even. If you like to be specific, weigh the final batch (as it will vary in weight each time because of moisture) and divide that number by 14 to arrive at daily weight for each day.

7. Feed green ingredients fresh with their daily amounts that are given. To be clear- the green ingredients are daily amounts, Because this is important, I will repeat. Green ingredients are given in their daily amounts. batch amounts.

Transition slowly if needed.

IMPORTANT: Remember that dogs are individuals. Not every dog will tolerate this much fat, protein, fiber, calories etc. This recipe for informational purposes only.

This recipe meets NRC nutrient requirements on a metabolic weight basis. Inquire for full nutrient analysis.

Optional Additions: Green Pastures Butteroil concentrate 1/2 tsp