Myth-Busting Separation Anxiety - the Deep Dive Before We Meet Live!
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

If you have a dog with separation anxiety chances are you've been give some of the following advice:

  • Let your dog "bark it out"
  • You NEED to crate your dog when alone
  • Don't allow your dog on furniture or let them sleep in your bed
  • Ignore your dog when you come home
  • You need to be the "leader" the "alpha" because your dog is trying to be in charge

All are common myths and misconceptions about dogs in general but especially dogs with separation anxiety. These myths ranging from silly to dangerous have no basis in science based dog behavior knowledge and putting these into practice could put your relationship with your dog at risk and increase their fear and panic about being alone.

Here are the facts.

  • Separation Anxiety is a panic disorder.
  • Dogs who fear being alone are in true distress and not in control of their behavior
  • Crates are not the solution and can often increase distress
  • Ignoring your dog will not have an impact on their behavior and can be confusing and cruel. We will discuss low excitement exits and departures and how that can help some dogs.
  • Allowing dogs on furniture and in beds has been studied and in those studies there was no correlation between behavior problems and access to furniture. Dogs like to be near us and seem to enjoy comfortable places.
  • Dominance and alpha theory have been debunked for over 25 years. Positive training with an emphasis on a strong relationship is important for successful training!

Join me on Thursday, October 7th for a Q&A here on Zoom to learn more about separation anxiety facts and myths. How to find the best information and avoid the misinformation. How to deal with family and friends who think you should be doing it their way and more!

See you there.

Melissa Dallier

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Your Dogly Advocate