How does your home environment affect alone time success?
with Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity, Training Advocate

November 11th will be an exciting day to learn all about how to set up your home environment for success with alone time training. First, I wanted to share a few things to think about before we meet so you can have all of your questions ready and if appropriate try out some things in advance!

Last month we talked about WHAT separation anxiety is and is not, if you didn't have a chance to join is, the recording is available on my page! This month we will talk about the environment in which your dog is going to eventually be left home alone. Often we are so focused on getting out of the door, we forget that our dogs need to be comfortable INSIDE.

Ask yourself the following questions:

(we will go over many of these in more detail on Nov 11th)

  • Where is your dogs favorite place to relax/nap?
  • Access to these places can be important for success

  • Are any of those places in view of the door you will exit?
  • Many dogs want to see their humans come and go, this isn't possible in every home, but preventing it can do more harm.

  • Is your dog reactive or sensitive to sounds that come from outside of the house (dogs passing/barking, people walking by, neighbors, cars, deliveries etc)
  • Have you tried window film, playing white noise, TV/Music, or other management techniques?

  • Are you currently using a crate or confinement area for your dog? Do they enjoy that space or find it stressful?
  • Many dogs who display separation related behaviors struggle in confinement, we need introduce it carefully and discuss realistic goals.

  • Are you leaving your dog with food toys, treats, bones when you try to leave them alone? If so, do they eat them? Do they seem excited about the treat? Does the presentation of the food toy ever make them seem nervous?
  • Food can seem like a good thing ,and often is for dogs without fear of being alone, it can actually create problems with separation anxiety dogs.

Before we meet on November 11th, think about all of the questions that you have about how to set your environment up for success BEFORE you leave the house. We will talk about the above and so much more.

Hope to see you there!


Melissa Dallier of ACanineAffinity

Training Advocate
Dogly loves Melissa because of Melissa's "every dog is different" view on science-based positive training.

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