We know it feels like there are more questions than answers when it comes to knowing if you’re giving your dog their longest, absolute best life possible. But that’s changing starting today.

We’ve gathered the smartest dog advocates we love and respect in one place so you can have constant access to them with any questions or advice you need.

We hand-select and approve every advocate you’ll find in Dogly’s advocate community. This isn’t an open-forum community for just anyone to join. We have a strict criteria we follow to make sure every advocate is someone we would trust to get advice for our own dogs.

A few examples are:

Nutrition Advocates: are all people who believe in the power of whole, real food for our dogs. They can help improve your dog’s kibble, create recipes for your dog or advise you on raw feeding.
Training Advocates: practice positive training only. They’ll never advise you to use a prong or e-collar and instead will take your bond with your dog to new levels through positive reinforcement and ongoing training techniques.
Rescue Advocates: are rescues who go above and beyond to do rescue right. They’re constantly working with and learning from a wide range of experiences with dogs and have a lot to share with us. (Also, a great new way to support your rescue.)
Dogly Advocates: may not be certified in one particular area but they know a lot about dogs. They are pet parents with tons of knowledge to share about their personal experiences with their dog’s nutrition, health battles, training or even fostering tips.

We’ll be continually adding advocates we believe have something to contribute to your dogs’ lives. You’ll be able to access any or all of them at the membership levle that works best for you. If you’d like to join in with us, you can meet Dogly advocates here and see how it all works.

We’re big believers that ultimately we’re all our own best advocates for our dogs. We created this network to arm ourselves so we can be.

Love and treats,