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Cricket LowCal Training Treats


Jiminys 2

Jiminy's donates 5% of every Dogly purchase to support a shelter of your choice.

Jiminys 2
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Jiminy's Jiminy Cricket 4 Pack - Save $12
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Jiminy's Jiminy Cricket 3 Pack - Save $5
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Jiminy's Cricket 4 Cookie .5 oz Sampler
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Jiminy's Sweet Potato/Apple Cricket Treat
Jiminys training
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Jiminy's Chewy Cricket Training Treat
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Jiminy's PB & Blueberry Cricket Cookie
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Jiminy's Original Cricket Cookie
Humans behind the brand


Jiminy’s began when I was approached to lead a grass-fed beef dog treats company. While I loved the idea of a sustainable treat for dogs, I knew that traditional animal protein (esp. beef) was not the answer...

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