BIG Buddha Box


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Down Dog Snacks donates 5% of every Dogly purchase to support a shelter of your choice.

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About this product

Keep your dog Zen with healthy dog treats! The Buddha box contains 8-ounce bags of 4 flavors- Banana Bliss, Yappleberry Zensations, Sweet Pawtato Pups, Peas, Love & Carrots and 16-ounce bag of Peanut Buddha!

Snack. Play. Namaste.

Product Details

Grain-free + 100% Plant Based

No soy, eggs, dairy, wheat, corn, or added salt and sugar.

Down Dog Snacks are all-natural gourmutt snacks for your Barking Buddhas. Each treat is handmade with the most wholesome ingredients. They're so delicious you might just snack on a few yourself!

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Down Dog Snacks Peanut Buddha Bones
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Down Dog Snacks Peas, Love & Carrots
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Down Dog Snacks Banana Bliss
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Down Dog Snacks Sweet Pawtato Pups
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Down Dog Snacks AppleBerry Zensations
Humans behind the brand


Murray had a ton of allergies and an insatiable appetite. His mom began to cater to his needs and founded Fat Murray's Dog Treats. Sadly, Murray passed away several years ago but his legacy continues to live on through his sister Jessie's creation, Down Dog Snacks...

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