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Our Story

We are a small, hands-on organization that specializes in rescuing dogs who are often overlooked, dogs who may require a little extra time... more observation, deeper connection and reasons to trust the people making decisions for them. ​ We truly want to know who each dog is whether under layers of defensiveness, unexpressed energy or even a habit of just being ignored.

Each canine relationship begins with a fresh start. Everyone on our staff is fluent in the language of DOG.​​

Every dog is unique and every dog in our care is heard, appreciated and respected. We consciously open our own hearts and minds in order to clearly see and respond to the dog that is present before us.

​ LOVE DOGS has created a beautiful, fun, secure, dog-centric environment where they and we can discover who they truly are! ​ Our dogs leave us for their forever homes knowing they can count on our commitment to them and their adoptive families to provide support and guidance as needed so they can enjoy a beautifully connected, richly communicative, long and happy life together!

People ask what makes us different. We believe there's a need for someone to save the dogs who tend to be overlooked.

- Za, founder

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