We hear you & we're on it.

There’s a lot happening in the online pet world right now. We want you to know we see what’s happening and hear how it affects you.

From where we sit, we see all sides. You want the best for your dogs and at the same time care who you spend your money with. Meanwhile, great local independent businesses struggle to stay alive as they get crushed by discount-heavy online behemoths.

We know if we could make shopping from independent stores easier online and off, you would do it. So, that’s what we’re going to do.

We started Dogly to bring you the best online independent brands and to help the amazing founders behind each one grow. Now we’re bursting with excitement to extend Dogly to brick-and-mortar stores and their equally amazing and inspiring founders.

If you would like to join us in this, please chat with Bozley below.

Love and treats,

Hi! I’m Bozley. The humans would love to hear from you to make sure we do this right for you and your favorite local stores. It’s a big undertaking but one we want to do together!

See Behind The Brands On Dogly

Billy Wolf

Montauk, NY

"We create each Billy Wolf product to be as exceptional as the dog who wears it."

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SF Bay Area

"Adopting our fun-loving mutt Shelby in 2010 was the start of this wild journey."

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"We can't imagine not being dogly. No mutts, no glory!"

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Mighty Paw

Rochester, NY

"Hi, I'm Barley. I'm the co-founder of Mighty Paw with my Dad, CJ. We are based out of Rochester, NY. Enjoy our store!"

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Finley's Barkery


"Empowering people to do what they love, one dog treat at a time."

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Pia + Michio

Honolulu, HI

"Pia + Michio is inspired by island life and art - and founded out of my heart for Pia and my grandfather Michio."

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Einstein Pets

Sarasota, FL

"Our inspiration came from our Westie, Abbey, who's become our world."

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Bad Tags


""Dogs are unique and silly beasts. Their tags should be as fun as the dog who wears it!”"

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Pure + Good

Shakopee, MN

"We're committed to creating safer, greener ways to treat the pets we all love so much."

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La Familia Green


"My studio is in the Greenleaf Art Center in Chicago. My dogs Zuzu and Stickers greet visitors at the door."

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Sydney Hale Co.


"If you are going to do something, make it matter."

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"It all started with an adorable, irresistible ball of fur."

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