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Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue was started in 2011, when founder Sara Alize Cross rescued and fostered the very first Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue dog, Fred, in her tiny one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. Just a few years later, through its extensive network of volunteers and fosters, Badass has continued Sara's mission to rescue dogs from small, rural, and underfunded pounds with high euthanasia rates, and to place these sweet, adorable and adoptable dogs into forever homes in the Northeast United States.

When a dog becomes a Badass, we make sure the dog is properly treated for known illnesses and issues: spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, testing and treating for heartworm and other parasites, complex orthopedic surgery and physical therapy, and chemotherapy, are just some examples of the care we have provided to our dogs. Badass dogs ride to New York City with professional rescue transporters who make sure their ride is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Once in New York City, our Badass dogs are placed into foster homes where they get training and get to get experience living in a loving home environment, before adoption.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)3, all-volunteer all-breed dog rescue, that relies on donations and grants to fund our programs. Since its inception, Badass has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed more than 2,500 dogs.

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