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  • Toronto, Canada

My Story

Maska is our very first furry family member. Since the first day we had Maska as our third child, our life has been changed in so many good ways. We never stop learning from him. We have to say Maska’s unconditional love leads our family to a healthier and happier life. Because of Maska, we always exercise a lot. We now love watching and reading more about other animals and it has opened our eyes and hearts as it has made us see that there are so many animals who deserve love and a family, but who are still waiting in the shelters. Maska makes us want to participate more with charities and we do as much as we can to help other furry friends!


We know life is better with him, as our true best friend.

- Nancy

I Support

Saving Shibas Inc

Los Alamitos

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